Sunday, 9 December 2007

Advertising Woes

Recently I was designing the flyers for our All Day Grazer delivered healthy food pack. Initially I designed the front which compares what products you could get from our competitors with the constituents of our product. This can be found on the website through the following link, with the menu and the back of the flyer.

The back of the flyer has a description about grazing and the benefits to the consumer of eating in this manner. However, I was originally going to use the poison pen letter concept that is attached to this post. The concept was scrapped after feedback from a few people that they didn't get the idea behind the advert.

It's very easy to get too close to a design and lose sight of the initial impact of the piece on the viewer. I've found this to be the trickiest part to design - making the idea so loud and clear that anyone can get it.

The idea is that somebody (person X) has come back to their desk to find a poison pen letter from their colleagues, who are jealous that person X is keeping the source of the All Day Grazers to themselves. This is meant to be a jokey reflection of office politics and based on the insight that women in particular are jealous of other women who are eating healthily. We discovered this phenomenon when we trialled All Day Grazer with a female city centre office worker.

I chose "Monkey Pen-Pot" as an item that the jealous colleagues had stolen from person X's desk as a ransome and have since decided that "comedy pen-pot" is a bit clearer although I'm trying to think of an item that would make the idea even clearer - any suggestions?

Since putting the ad together I decided that it would be clearer if the shot was retaken and looked more like the notice had been stuck to person X's screen and also that in fact it would be better to give person X a name, so the note reads "Rachel, tell us where you get...". This is because the people who have seen the ad think that it speaks directly to them and so confuses the concept.

Does anyone have any ideas what I could do to communicate the idea in a clearer way? What are your reactions to the ad? That is, do you get it in anyway or is this a lost cause? I love the idea and think I could make an interesting campaign out of it but I'm really struggling with the execution.


Patrick Doyle said...

A wise man once said.

"The average readership of a blog is one."

Create some buzz around this, get people willing to read what you say then people will want to help or talk.

The wise man was head of google.

Jake Dyson said...
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Jake Dyson said...

Valid point Paddy, I've found a way to direct people from my Facebook profile to my blog through an application called 'Blog RSS Feed Reader'. You might want to check it out.