Sunday, 13 January 2008

Back in Business

You may have been able to tell from my last post that I was feeling somewhat down, which is not like me let me tell you. Well I'm pleased to report that I have my positivity back in abundance after confirmation from two customers that they would like to site our vending units this week.

Combine this with some excellent work from Silvano to slash our overheads and buy us the 3-6 months that we need to make this business work and maybe you can see why my optimism is back with a vengeance.

I can't describe the confidence this has injected back into not only myself but everyone involved with our business. In fact I've been inspired enough to launch another PR project with our resident spin doctor Paddy Doyle who has done some excellent work for us including our article in the Yorkshire Evening Post and video endorsement from galaxy radio:

Dixie from Galaxy's Endorsement

YEP article

Yes, we're going after more coverage but this time we've set our sights on local television news. It's early days and Paddy and I have still to figure out the angle we're going to attack from but watch this space and you may be seeing us on Calendar News sooner rather than later.

It's good to be back!! Please slap me if I ever start moaning again.

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